Crusader Cooking system

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The Crudsader Cooking system

Crusader Cooking System.

This was originally made for the Soldiers of the British Army and the Bushcraft of survivalist. It has a folding arm and allows the cup to fit over the fuel crucible, this is where gel fuel or solid fuel blocks can be used for cooking. Crusader Dragon Cup 2 which is a larger and improved version of the original tough aluminum and light.

  • Shaped to capture a larger surface area for heating the contents of the cup.
  • Multi-fuel cooker.
  • A small slit gives protection against the wind. When carrying the cooker nests beneath the Crusader Cup and in turn will fit into a water Bootle.
  • This set comes with:
  • Mug (plastic) and Water bottle Crusader Cup Lid Nato.
  • Crusader Cup.
  • Crusader Cooker.