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Welcome to our Airsoft UK GLASGOW  and see our AEG rifles, Gas pistols and accessories section. We aims to make sure all our products are up to date and the best available in the West of Scotland. Our products are growing by the week with new lines arriving every day.At Adventure 1 Glasgow. we aim to give you the best prices anywhere on accessories in the UK and this is the right place place if you love the game. We  have staff who are experienced in all aspects of  products associated to the game.Our on-line shop is growing in size by the week with choice of of  guns to choose from. We only stock the most reliable makes of  guns including,  sniper rifles, A.E.G. rifles, pistols with accessories  and safety equipment.

About The Game

At sites a guns speed is calibrated and the measurement is in feet per second.. Different sites allow a different  amount of FPS and it may differ from Country to Country. A gun over the limit will  not be allowed to be used and there are very strict rules governing the velocity.In Britain  most guns are known as imitation firearms or RIF. A person wishing to buy one of these guns must have a UKARA license and this can be obtained by playing at an Airsoft UK site a number of times  in a set time. The player will then be registered and given a number. Once he is registered then they can buy the realistic guns. They must of course be over 18. Blue guns can be purchased without a license or a realistic one can be painted for you.  UK airsoft sites, but not all, including shops are members of  the U.K.A.R.A.  scheme. Here at Adventure1 we are registered

How Airsoft it is played.

Airsoft UK is a  shooting sport in which players shoot at the opposite side with 6mm plastic BB'S or pellets.Players go to great lengths to copy the tactical equipment  used by the military or SWAT teams.
Airsoft in the UK is similar to paint ball with a few major differences.Pellets are used in the airsoft games rather than paint so some trust is involved and cheating is bad form. Another difference to paint-ball is that the  guns are magazine-fed from the bottom, with rifles usually powered by batteries  and pistols charged with gas some co2 capsules are used. The guns can be very realistic in their design. This tends to make them more fun as they look like the real deal.Play differs but often they take the form of skirmishes, close quarter fights and military style war games.They can be played in indoor and outdoors and there are many sites around the UK.

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Safety is very important in games and is taken very seriously. No one is allowed to play without having proper eye protection.Lots of players wear face masks to prevent the face being hit by pellets. Gloves and other pieces of kit can be worn but the eyes are the most important part of the body to be protected. Make sure you buy proper eye protection. We recommend Bolle Tactical range of safety glasses. The raider kit is the one issued to the Scottish Police Fire arms Unit and other Police units in the UK.


AEG is airsoft electric guns. This is the majority of rifles and use a battery to power the motor in the Rifle. A lithium polymer battery is now the most common used battery for AEG. These come in various types, shapes and power.

Pellets | bb's

Airsoft rifles and pistols fire  plastic pellets or BB'S. The most common  size being .20g to .30g and some up to .40g for snipers.
Pellets are usually bought in amounts from 2500 to 5,000 and are usually 6mm in diameter. Biodegradable pellets are one of the most popular pellets sold due to the short life span and does not leave a trace. Pellets can be more round that others and the bottles are usually marked with the tolerance + or -and most are 100th of a millimeter but some are 1000th part tolerance.