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Army surplus and Military Surplus Distributors , we offer a wide range of military kit and Military kit in our Military shop.


Jerry cans

Army surplus metal jerry cans. These are original Army cans and of the best quality available. All in working order.
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Dutch water bottle new

Dutch army water bottles in tough plastic material. 1 Litre in size and comes with closure cap.
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Austrian army shirts

Austrian army shirts with  2 pockets. G1 condition and superb tough last for years shirts.

German army shirts in flectarn

German army shirts in flectarn camouflage. Sought after military shirt and superb for Airsofters.
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German flectrarn trousers

German army trousers in flecktarn. Have 6 pockets and zip fly,tough and durable grade 1 trousers. Great for Airsoft.
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Small ammo boxes

small ammo boxes 7.62 mm . Grade 1 condition.Metal ammunition boxes are secure and strong and and superb boxes.
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Large ammo boxes

Large army ammo boxes in grade one condition. Very strong and robust boxes and can be used for multiple uses.

Belgian Army od shirts

Army surplus Belgian olive shirts in as new condition. Fantastic quality shirts with button down front.

British army camouflage trousers Gore-tex

 Camouflage waterproof Gore-tex trousers . Genuine issue army over trousers 100 % waterproof. Army surplus.

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MTP Lightweight Gore-tex Jacket

Genuine Issue MTP Lightweight Gortex waterproof jacket

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Commando pullover

Army surplus commando wool pullover.Tremendous pullover in 100 percent wool and in grade one.
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German Army Parka

German Army  Parka field jacket olive.