Flagpole Belts and Sashes.

Flag-pole carrying belts brown leather

Flag Pole carry belt brown leather with brass cups.
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Flag pole carrying belt straps white

White flag pole carry belt in white with metal cup.
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Flag-pole support carrying belts BLACK leather

Flag Pole belt carriers in black with chrome cup 
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Flag pole bags/ flag carry bags

Flag pole bag for poles and flag. The bag has securing loops for poles and room for flag.
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Flagpole Sash Belts

Flagpole carry belts made to order
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Flagpole cross belts for flagpoles

Cross belts for carrying flags. Any design and colour with badges ands text
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Cameronians sash belt

Cross belt for carrying flag pole.This one is for tje Cameronians
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Para Regiment flagpole carry belt

cross sash belts for flag poles.Any design
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Red sashes .Great value and come in various sizes