Military  Boots.

Our military  boots come in various designs but are all durable and tough. The more expensive boots such as Lowa , Original swat , AKU and Altberg are at the top end of innovation and design.These boots have been in continuous development for decades and continue to improve with new modern manufacturing methods. Our top end military boots are high quality footwear.
Making a military boot fit for the army is no easy task especially if the military require complex features built into the boots. Special attention has to be made to the types of leather used, stitching and linings. The combinations are endless and great care is taken to make sure they are boots that will perform in the theater of war. A high level of expertise is needed and of course quality control. So when you buy this type of footwear you can be sure it has been tested and tested so you can buy with confidence.Even the most expensive boots will let you down if you do not look after them.
Here at ADVENTURE1 we have put together a few suggestions to keep you footwear in tip-top-condition.


You can extend the life of your footwear if you adhere to a few simple rules to keep your boots clean and supple.
When you have finished using the footwear for the day brush of dirt or clay.if you have to wash with water or rinse under
a tap but do  not sue soap. Good leather cleaner can be used.Avoid using dubbing as it can stain the leather. The inside of the boots can be sponged.Most boots with textile linings can be cleaned this way.

Hot water is to be avoided.
Dry your boots after cleaning in dry well aired place with to boots untied and open.
Paper can be stuffed inside the boots if they are really wet.This will soak up some of the excess moisture.
If the paper gets wet then take out and put in some fresh paper.
water-proof boots will dry  bit faster if kitchen towel or toilet roll. If boots are really wet,  leather lined footwear should be stuffed with paper and renewed until boots are dry.
The same applies to GORE-TEX® boots which dry faster and more effectively with paper.

it is  not recommended to use newspaper and repeat every hours of less. Remember to keep the boots well aired.Do not put them away in bags, cupboards or in the car and never put a hear source near the boots such as a radiator.The can damage the boots shape.When leather becomes dry it needs moisturising.
Only use special wax for leather boots and use a thin coat and massage in. Nubuck will get a bit darker when you wax or go a bit smooth but this does not harm the boots.Remember keep you boots in a well aired dry place and do not let oil or petrol get onto boots.

Lowa  Military Boots

One of the bests military boots on sale today.

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