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Gas cooker refills for camping cookers

Weight (kg): 0.3000
Butane gas refil
Bayonet style cartridge
For Highlander: GAS006 and GAS009 or other cookers.
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Gas cooker wiindshield

cooker windshield
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Camping stove

Camping stove for piercing gas canisters.

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camp cooker for piercing gas

lightweight stove/for valved gas cartridges.
Stainless steelWeight: 300g

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Gas refill

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valved gas refills

Propane Butane mix with valve on canister. 2 sizes 230g and large 450g

Gas refil 450g

450g gas for camping cookers valved.
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Valved gas refil 230g

230g valved gas cartridge
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Methylated spirits 250ml

meths for cookers and other uses.
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Methylated spirits 500ml

meths for cookers and other uses.
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Compact camping cooker

small compact camping cooker. Very light and folds away to save space.
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Cooker with piezo ignition

camping cooker with ignition. Very lightweight cooker.
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Tripod camping cooker

tripod stable base camping cooker
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Electronic match for light cookers

electronic match
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Blade fast boil cookers- flash

Fast boil camping cooker. The Blade is one of the best value cookers on the market.

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Heximine Solid fuel cooker

 Emergency cookers.

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Fire Dragon fuel gel

Fire dragon gel fuel

Solid fuel Fire Dragon

Solid fuel technology. FireDragon in almost any outdoor stove as well as fires.Great for cooking rations and for a making a brew. It is  non-toxic, non-drip and made from  natural ingredients.It is easy to light, burns clean and is very hot
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Bushcraft cooker

Bushcraft cooker with fire flint and fuel gel blocks
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Brass meths burner

small burner for meths.
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