Marching Band Supplies Shop

Band Supplies.

Military bands and Pipe bands were some of the first marching bands. The Royal Regiment of Scotland has some good pipe bands and perform all over the world.Pipe bands often perform in Scotland and the World pipe bands championships is held here. We now have a showroom with many products relating to pipe bands.Our marching bands shop showroom is next to our shop in Glasgow.Flute bands are very popular in the marching season with is in the summer months so we hold large stocks of equipment our band supplies shop.

Flagpoles For Bands & Parades.

See our selection of flagpoles made from the best materials. We have flagpoles for bands, the military, veterans associations, scouts, Boys Brigade and other groups who want  a quality ceremonial flagpole. These flagpoles come with screwed joints and brass fittings. The rosewood poles have brass fittings and can come with a variety of finals or pole ends.The black flagpoles come with chrome fittings and different finals to choose from. The size can vary from 7 foot to 8 foot but they can be cut to any size. The cadet flagpoles can be either 7 foot or 8 foot.Our

Flagpole Carry Belts.

Our flagpole belts come in different colours from Black , white and brown are made  of quality leather with metal fittings either chrome or brass fittings. The flagpole belt is for carrying flagpoles and come with a chrome or brass cut for the flagpole to fit into. The belts is adjustable and will fit most people. The carry belt will help ease the weight of the pole and flag. It would be too difficult to parade without the belt.

Parade Belts.

Parade belts for the military and bands. We do corelene white stiff belts- corelene is a stiff nylon webbing belt used by the military- with chrome of brass buckles. The buckles come in many shapes and sizes from simple hook and catch , plate buckles in chrome or gold and the more sophisticated military buckles with emblems. The British service buckle belt is one of our more popular designs.

Band  Supplies Footwear.

Marching band boots with toe caps and plain leather. The toe cap boots have a non-safety toe cap which will bull up for a good shine. This type of boot is very popular with bands because of the military look it gives. They come in sizes 3 to 14 depending on the type of boot. Discounts for bulk buyers. Give us a call on 0141 353 3788  for more information.


See our range of hackles made of feathers. We have a great stock of The royal regiment of Scotland hackles in red , black,white,green ,purple and Grey. We have other colours for regiments in England and can make any colour or size you like.