Military Accessories | Survival Aids.

Fire lighting Flint and steel

Flint and steel fire starter.Great item to have in pocket or bag

Military Sewing kit


Trouser twisters

Olive elasticated trousers twist. They come in packets of 2.

Military Dog tags

Waterproof bags

Strong waterproof bags in different sizes. Fully waterproof.

Bungees olive 76cm

Olive bungees

Waterproof bags/dry bags

Waterproof dry bags for keeping equipment and clothes dry.Can be used inside rucksacks.

Sewing Kit

Folding scissors

Small folding scissors

Military Para cord

Strong para cord. Has breaking strain of 50 kilos 6m  lengths  original para cord

Dog tag silencers

packet of 2

Stealth tape woodland camouflage

camouflage stealth tape

MTP Camouflage compact

5 colours camouflage cream

Special ops knee pads

Black Special Ops knee pads in black with tough abs protection.

Special ops elbow pads

Hard shell elbow pads and elasticated straps with Velcro

Camouflage stealth tape btp camouflage

camouflage tape , stealth tape

Camo compact 3 colours


Srim Net for Camouflage

Srim nets great for camouflage

GI camouflage cream

2 colour camouflage  stick

30 inch bungees olive

bungees 30 inch .99 each

Para cord olive

3mmx 15m

Mini pick shovel

Mini folding shovel with pouch

Para cord wristband and whistle

Olive and black colours in the wristband cord