Military Hats & Gloves


Hats and Gloves | Military Headwear

We offer a range of Military Headgear. A collection of bandanna and bush hats in various colours. These are not just popular with those looking for Army Head-wear many people who do outdoor activity's are buying Military Headgear. The bush and skip hats come in olive or camouflage, see the thermal head wear including balaclavas, Benny hats, beanie hats, watch hats, mufflers, neck warmers, berets and much more

Fingerless Gloves.

Gloves have fingers that are cut away to the knuckles allowing the fingers to be free and not covered. This type of glove can be used where the user needs to do some sort of work such as using money but the hands need some sort of cover. These do work and are surprisingly warm as they keep the back of the hands covered. For a time they became a fashion item with leather and silver studs on the back.


Mitts or Mittens are gloves with a  compartment  covering all the fingers and with a thumb section.These are a very warm item as all the fingers are together and hold in the heat. There is not a great deal of heat loss with the mitts. They can sometimes have a button or velcro strip so the front of the mitt can be folded back to let the user use the fingers and simple undo it and cover the fingers again without taking off the glove. Great for doing tasks every so ofter.They can be acyclic, wool or fleece.

Work Gloves

Gloves are not only for keeping the hands warm but have many other uses and can be used for fashion or protection in the work environment.They come in many different designs and specialist gloves are made for just about any industry and sport.  Work Gloves are worn by workers in factories. hospitals, Police and the Military as well as sports people.The  Police use gloves such as disposable gloves  to avoid touching crime scenes or for protection against contamination from hazards such as acid or oil.

Military Gloves

The military use gloves for protection and warmth. A good mix for the military is a glove that will give some protection and keep the hands warm. It is important to be able to fire a weapon so the Mechanix style is very popular. Airsofters now use the Mechanix brand and there are many styles and colours to choose from.

Neck Gaitors and Face Coverings

A great selection of neck gaitors that will keep the neck warm and double as a face covering. Great for keeping dust out of face.