Snuppak Sleeping Bags Softie 9 Hawk

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Snugpak Softie 9 Kestral sleeping bag

Snugpak Softie 9 bag in Olive

Mummy shape

The mummy shaping and the snug fitting hood will help you keep warm in cold weather The Hawk softie 9 has a Softie  filling, which is a  synthetic fibre designed with fibres to keep in the warm air even it gets wet.
Comes with a breathable moisture wicking materials that  help stop sweating and give you a good night kip.



Compressed this bag will come in at around 19cm x 21cm and will be 1500g. Not bad for a bag with this low rating. The snugpak softie 9 compact and lightweight  warm and light bag. Known as the Hawk in some quarters. Can go as low as -10c and can be carried with ease.
Foot box area will let you sleep with your boots on.
Baffle along the 2 way zip keeps in heat.
Anti-snagging zip
Adjustable roomy hood.
3 Season sleeping bag with a rating of  Comfort -5°C - Extreme -10°C
Paratex shell
Paratex Light inner with softie filling.

Length: 220cm
Width: Chest - 75cm, Foot - 40cm
Weight: 1500g (
Compressed size: 19 x 21cm

 Made and designed in the United Kingdom.

snug Paratex lining and shell  layer are  breathable and moisture wicking. The windproof lining will help keep out the bitter cold and has water repellent abilities to help withe wet and damp weather.