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The Lowa patrol boot black. One of the most popular boots sold in the Lowa range.Now discontinued so only a few sizes in stock.

Lowa Patrol Boots.

The Lowa Patrol Boots is in the range called the Task Force Collection, and does not come with the water proof  lining that the mountain boots or combat have. There is good reason for this and they will dry out much more quickly if you feet have been under a stream. In warm weather they are superb at evaporating moisture away from the boots.

Top Of The Range.

Made from proven well designed materials, the  lining is insulated for cold regions and also for warm places.It is well ventilated so keeps you fresh and cool.Great looking tough boots that are not a problem to look after with the special linings the boots has come a long way since the all leather boot with dubbing as a coating. These Patrol boots use the latest technologies and this boot merges all these qualities in a top class professional boot.

Quick Drying

It is very quick drying which is a bonus if you are up to your knees in water. It has full grain leather uppers and Vibram sole units for durability, these tactical boots will give all round grip  on muddy and slippery terrain. They will gives years of service to the wearer.This is truly a remarkable boot for people of all walks of life who  require top quality in their footwear.

Police Boots

LOWA Patrol Boots are ideal for police, Military and security  and Police This is a great boot for those who do not what the gore-tex version. The gore-tex version takes longer to dry if water overlaps the the top of the boot as it is waterproof the water will stay in the boots . The Lowa Patrol boots are an excellent choice.The LOWA Patrol Boot is a Lowa military special and know to have all the design elements such as durability, comfort and clean cut lines. Everything you need for military and police use. These boots are similar in construction and design to the mountain boots but without the gore-tex sock. The have as a replacement a tough wearing moisture absorbing and breathable lining.

No Breaking in

Another great feature of these boots is that there is virtually no breaking in and you can used them with confidence straight ouf of the box. The Vibram Top of the range sole will give you sure grip in any situation. The reports on these boots is that they feel is if they are cushioned and do indeed cushion your feet from shocks. The Lowa Boots Patrol is a boot made for the tough jobs and is one of the super boots and can take a great deal of punishment. These are boots made for walking and working , will protect your feet, support you and give you a tremendous levell of comfort. If all this was not enough the boots come with the famous lowa climate system and vent style insoles.This will keep your feet as fresh as a daisy and odour free.

Womans Size.

Sizes 4-5.5 are  designed for a woman’s foot.

  • Board lasted upper - cemented sole design
  • Full grain leather
  • Open hooks lacing system
  • Sole: Vibram
  • height inside/outside: 170/215
  • Rough terrain Boots
  • 1688 g/pair. 
  • Water Repellent 2.6mm leather. 
  • Cambrelle lined for outstanding climate controlled, breathable and wear resistance. 
  • Vibram  sole unit (repairable). 
  • Asymmetric Walking Position 
  • Achilles leather flex panel in heel for extreme comfort. 
  • Climate control.
  • Strong hooks and insoles.



Some customer reviews for Lowa Patrol Boots


Amazing boots for the police. Great boots and value for money.
Got these LOWA Patrols back in 2010 and they have lasted 6 years. I cannot fault them. They are like slippers and will buy again. I recommend them

I have had a pair of the patrol boots for about three years. They are durable boots, sturdy and good on the feet. I work long shifts so it is important that my feet are comfortable. I would advise people to buy these boots. One of the best boots i have owned.
I recommend this boot and friendly service enough. Never had a problem with them. Would go back to Adventure1.
I am on my feet all day and can say that these boots have been wonderful. I had Magnum for years and although cost much less were not that comfortable and did not last long. These boots are a class act and worth every penny.

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