Lowa Mountain Boots brown

mountain brown
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The Lowa Mountain boot brown is one of the best boots on the market and can be used on mountains or pavements.

The Lowa Military Mountain boot brown.

 The Lowa Mountain boot brown can be used from mountain terrain to everyday use. Its easy to maintain with sharp looks. It is waterproof and breathable and this makes this combat boot the ideal choice for the military and police alike. Special linings and specification make it  insulated against cold weather and cool for warmer days.

  • Water Repellent 2.6mm leather.
  • Gore-Tex for outstanding climate controlled comfort and waterproofing, along with a tough wear resistant  lining. 
  • Vibram technical sole unit ( sole is repairable).
  • Leather panel in heel for comfort.   
  • Climate control system and insole. 
  • Hooks and d rings.
  •   6-13