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Buckles, straps and bergen covers for rucksacks

Rucksack transit cover

For taking rucksacks on planes. This will cover the rucksack and keep straps tucked in

Rucksack liner orange plastic

liner for inside bag. 75 x 50cm
Weight: .55kg

Medium combo rucksack cover

rucksack  cover fits 50 to 70lt bags

large combo rucksack cover

Fits rucksack 80 to 100 rucksacks

Quick release buckle

 fits 25mm webbing

release buckle

fits webbing 38mm

qr buckle

fits up to 50mm webbing

Tension locks for rucksacks


Euro cord lock

cord lock pkt of 2

utility strap

1mt x 3 cm wide

2 per pack

Utility strap 2metre

2m x 2.5cm

slip locks

2 per pack


rucksack cover small

20 to 30 litres size

camo rucksack cover

20 to 30ltr

Medium ruckack cover orange

40 to 50 litre

Large rucksack covers

large rucksack cover 60 to 70 litre

Hydration system 2l

2 litre size

water bladder

3 litres