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Fornax headlamp

Head Lamp for outdoor sports.Great value and 10 lumen's with led's so does not burn batteries out.
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Nigh ops healamp

The night ops head torch is great for any outdoor activity and comes with white and red LED'S.
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Red lense headlamp

Bright headlamp with bright LED'S and red filters for use at night with the military or anyone not wanting to be seen at night.
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Led right angle toch

Led Angle Torch
on/off signalling flashing6 LED
White Light, Green Light, Red Light, Blue Light
Power 30 Lumens
Water Resistant
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Metal construction led torch..One of the brightest torches on the market today.Strong aluminum body with adjustable beam.

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NX00L Torches for Airsoft

Bright airsoft rifle torches with pressure pad.Strong beam and great for gaming at night.
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NX600S TORCH Airsoft

Airsoft smaller versions torch with pressure pad and fantastic for night games. Easy to fit to your weapon either pistol or rifle.
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