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Snugpak Torrent waterproof jacket

The Snuppak Torrent waterproof jacket.

Sleeka Original

Snugpak Sleeka Elite Jacket

 Snugpak Elite jackets have been made with reinforced patches covering all the stress points;that is the  shoulder,elbow and cuff regions and now supplied with a compression stuff sack so you can really get the benefit of making the jacket go into a small size for keeping in a rucksack or pocket

Snugpak Sleeka Elite Reversible Jacket

The Snugpak Sleeka Elite jackets have been made with strong patches on all stress points; elbow cuffs and shoulder points and now supplied with a stuff sack including compression strap. This Sleeka elite has two colour ways black or olive.

Snugpak Softie Shirt

Snugpak softie shirt. Same front and features as the Pile Shirt, but the pile is replaced with Softie insulation.

Vapour Active Soft Shell

This is a lightweight wind top with superb water repellent material, ii is made using Paratex Xtreme fabric.This a highly breathable jacket will offer great weather protection and is small enough to pack into rucksack,just in case, Integrated hood folds away into the collar.This jacket traps air and thus retains most of the thermal properties needed in poor weather conditions.

Snugpak Vapour Active Wind top

A lightweight solution wind top with good water repellent material.It has a balance of Paratex Xtreme and other fabrics that will block wind and gives good weather protection. It is very compact and comes with a stuff sack. Integrated hood folds away into the collar. Super little jacket for those windy days.

Softie SJ6 cold weather jacket blue

The Softie Jacket 6 is our jacket for colder

Softie SJ6 cold weather jacket black

The Softie Jacket 6 in black.  Same specifications as blue

Softie SJ6 cold weather jacket olive

The Softie Jacket 6 in olive. Same specifications as blue

Softie SJ6 cold weather jacket multicam

The Softie Jacket 6 in muliticam is our jacket for colder weather.

Snugpak Sasqatch winter jacket


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Snugpak Ebony jacket

Snugpak Ebony winter Jacket.
The Snugpak Ebony jacket comes with an sulated Detachable Hood and is a superb winter Jacket is a versatile that will keep you warm  in the harshest of conditions.The Ebony winter Jacket is based on the Snugpak Sasquatch and has the same qualities and tremendous insulation  for warmth. At just 1150 grams for the Large size. It is light and warm.
Comes with a hood with can be folded away, suede collar and comes with a stuff sack.


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