Waterproof Clothing

We have a selection of Camouflage Waterproof Clothing available in our Glasgow store.All breathable Camouflage waterproof clothing stop breathing after only around one hour in rain and wet conditions. So if you only pay £75.00 for a single skin jacket, you will probably be quite happy with the results, if you paid £150 or more then you will have a jacket that works no better than the cheaper ones in wet conditions. Weather conditions affect the breath ability of all waterproof jackets and trousers. During heavy rain and  low temperatures garments loose the ability to breath and we have cold bridging and will result in a build up of condensation. Our jackets have been tested in all tempt and offer some of the best waterproof clothing and breath ability on the market today.

Olive Poncho waterproof

Olive colour.Rip-stop nylon for greater strength.Very lightweight, durable and compact & waterproof. Can be made into a basha or shelter.One size fits all.
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Waterproof Trousers in camouflage.

Fantastic waterproof trousers in BTP camouflage.This is a great waterproof trousers for Cadets or fishermen.

Waterproof Jacket in camouflage

 Fantastic waterproof jacket for Cadets and Civilians that are looking for a Camouflage waterproof jacket.

Poncho light and waterproof

Lightweight  olive waterproof poncho and can be used as a lean to or groundheet.

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Poncho light and waterproof camouflage

Lightweight waterproof poncho  with welded seams allows it to be used as a groundsheet.


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Poncho Hmtc camouflage

Camouflage Poncho hmtc
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Adventure waterproof poncho htmc

Adventure Hooded Poncho for the British summer. This poncho is made from a rip-stop which makes it
stronger than some ponchos and  it packs away in to a little stuff sack.It can also be used as an improvised groundsheet.


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Emergency poncho

A lightweight waterproof poncho for country walks or festivals.Assorted colours red, blue, green, yellow