Single survival bag olive

Tough plastic survival bag in olive with bags of room. This bag can be used for emergency to keep dry and is bright to attract attention. Never go on the hills with one. Will keep kit dry in wet conditions

Double survival bag orange

Double orange survival bag

Flint and Magnesium block

Compact flint, striker and magnesium block,scraping the magnesium block shards of magnesium are produced lighting the magnesium shards by striking the flint which gives a shower of sparks, igniting the magnesium.

Mosquito coils

Pack of 10 midge, mosquito repel coils

Karabiner accessory link

pack of 2 6mm

Karabiner accessory link 8mm

pack of 2,  8mm

Handwarmer solid fuel

solid fuel hand warmer

Hand warmer refills

hand warmer refills per pack. Charcoal sticks will burn for ages.

Emergency shelters

survival shelters 2 to 3 person and 4 to 5 person

waterproof pouches

3 sizes waterproof pouches. Great for keeping the small items dry

Tri laminate pvc dry bags

Tr laminate pvc dry bags. They come in 3 sizes and will keep you kit dry

karabiner screw gate

Karabiner with screw gate for added security. Not for climbing.

karabiner keyrings

Aluminium,  3 pack gate style karabiner


Use on waterproof clothing, boots & tents.
One of  the best seam sealer on the market
Can be used on most fabrics

Plastic egg holder

Great for protecting the eggs.

Olive bungees2 pack

6mm x 60cm

Shock cord kit

Great for reparing poles etc

glow in the dark guy lines and runners

Glow in the dark lines and runners for tents

4 in a pack

Glow guy line runners

pack of 10

Tent accessory kit

mallet ,lines.pegs and runners for replacments