Snugpak Special Forces bivi bag

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The Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag is British made for the British weather,guarding against evaporative heat loss.
The Snuppak Bivvi bag is ideal for military use, emergency, wild camping and  bushcraft. 

The 1/2 length zip allows easy access and exit if needed
With a small pack size and very light it can be stored away in the rucksack until needed,can be used on its own or with a sleeping bag to give  good all round protection.The fabric used in the design of the Snugpak SF Bivvi Bag, Paratex Dry. It is breathable that will allow trapped moisture to escape from within the bag, keeping you dry and comfortable. This material will remove vapour out of the bag at 7.5L of moisture per m² per 24 hours. The Snugpak Bivvi Bag has ample room for either a military issued sleeping bag, Snugpak Sleeping Bag, most other sleeping bags as well as your Weapon System. A 5000mm Hydrostatic Head ( this is the test used to check how well a material performs in waterproof tests) qualifies this bag for waterproof and windproof durability and will help to maintain body temperature. 40g

 Note: Snugpak SF Bivvi Bags have a special  coating,designed to be breathable,but sufficient air cannot pass through the
material to sustain breathing.The user should not seal the bag so as to prevent suffocation.