Cutlery & Mess Tins

We are a Glasgow supplier of Cutlery and Mess tins which are frequently used by the Military and people who go on long camping
 trips. We have a selection of lightweight cooking pots, mess tins for the camper and military at the lowest prices on line. Copper bottom pans
 with folding handles , non stick mess tins for military and campers.

KFS clip set

Knive fork and spoon set

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KFS ring set

small kfs ring sent
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Roll up water carrier

A 10 litre, roll up water carrier with tap.

Pack Size: 31.5x12x2cm
Weight (kg): 270grms



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Solar shower

20 litres with a fabric that attract heat from the sun and will  heat up to 41oc after approximately 3 hours.

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Olive folding cup

small cup.Folds flat for keeping in pocket
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Pan grip

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Military knife for and spoon set

Military kfs set
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Camp kettle

Lightweight camp kettle with filter

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Thermal mugs

sealed thermal mugs

Gi styl,e stainless steel mess set

Stainless steel GI mess set. Folds away for a compact mess tin. This mess tin can be used to cook and eat from in the 2 part mess section.
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2 piece mess tins Army mess tins

FONT face=Arial>2 piece military mess tins

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Olive plates and cups

Olive plastic plates and mugs. Great quality for camping and easy to clean. Will not break and last for years

Salt and pepper shaker

salt and pepper shaker
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Enamel mugs and plates

Enamel mugs and plates


Non stick mess tin

2 piece non-stick mess tin. Fold into each other
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Plastic mess set

Great quality mess set in tough plastic
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Plastic cups and plates

KFS cutlery

knife fork and spoon set
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knife fork and spoon set NATO

Knife fork and spoon set with bottle opener. NATO style
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Stainless steel mug in olive

great quality mug
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