compasses Including Silva and Military.

Military style compass

Folding military style compass metal and super buy

Deluxe map compass

Map compass for maps.Comes with magnifier for map reading and cord for looping around you neck.

Military compass

Military sighting compass encased in a metal surround. The compass will fold down into a small pack. Great for taking bearings.

Lensactic compass

Lensatic sighting compass .Folds into its own case and can  be stored in pocket. Great for taking bearings.

Button compass

Button compass.This is a small compass that will fit in your pocket, wallet or rucksack.

Silva Military 4 Compass

Silva Military 4 compass.

Silva Expedition 4 compass

Silva Expedition 4 Compass. Top of the  range map reading compass from this famous manufacturer.

Silva Ranger compass

Silva Ranger compass.

Silva Field compass

Silva Field Compass.Great starter compass from Silva. Great little compass and very compact.

Explorer folding map case

Great value folding map case with strap for neck . Waterproof and will keep maps clean.

scout map case