The Royal Regiment of Scotland


Royal regiment of Scotalnd badge

This is a superb Royal Regiment of Scotland metal cap badge. Made from top quality materials and a great price.

Royal regiment of Scotland rank slides

The Royal Regiment of Scotland rank slides in olive with gold text and chevrons. Really top quality rank slides.

Royal Regiment of Scotland Stable Belt

 Royal Regiment Of Scotland Stable Belt at a great price. Discounts for bulk buyers.


Plumes and Hackles
Now Only

1st Scots black hackle Hackle

 1 Scots Royal regiment of Scotland hackles. Black

2nd Scots Hackle white royal regiment.

2 Scots white hackle  now changed to a smaller white hackle.

3 Scots Hackle | Black Watch

3 Scots hackle or 3rd Scots is a small red hackle . Part of the Royal regiment of Scotland.

4 Scots Hackle Royal Regiment of Scotland

The 4 Scots or Highlanders have a small dark blue hackle

5 Scots Green Hackle

5 Scots or the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders part of the Royal regiment of Scotland.

6th Scots Hackle

7th scots hackle

7th scots hackle in purple

Blue Hackles

Small Red Hackles

Red hackles and plumes