Lightweight Bashas.

Kestrel Bivi Bag

Waterproof Bivi Bag

Hawk Bivi Bag

Force Hawk Bivi Bag
Waterproof and breathable bivouac bag that helps to keep you dry
A Bivi bag comes into its own where a tent is not suitable.It is a lightweight way to keep dry when out in the open without cover

Military Basha olive

Military Basha HMTC CAMO

Military Basha Camouflage

Basha Olive

Crusader Nomad hammock and basha bag

Crusader Nomad hammock and basha.

Cadet Bivi Bag

The Cadet Bivi Bag
It is a Breathable water resistant bivi bag and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the cadet sleeping bag.
It  comes in a small  pouch for packing away

The cadet sleeping bag

Cadet Sleeping Bag
Comfort rating: 0 to -7 degrees and water resistant.

Cadet System

This is the complete system . The Cadet Bivi bag and the Cadet sleeping bag.

Snugpak all weather shelter

The Snugpak All Weather Shelter is 3m2  tarp shelter. It has been designed for Camping,bush-craft,  Military and Cadet Use.
It will give  protection from all types of weather.Snugpak All Weather Shelter was designed by survival experts and will protect against Sun, wind and rain.

Stratosphere hooped bivi bag

This one man bivvi shelter is smaller than a one person tent but with all the features of a tent. It comes with 7 light alloy stakes one spare. This will make a  spacious canopy at the head, leaving plenty of room to move about. The Stratosphere hooped bivi bag will packs into its own compression sack and is light and practical.

Snugpak Stasha lightweight basha

The Snugpak Stasha Bivi bag is a lightweight, waterproof basha for survial camping.

Snugpak Special Forces bivi bag

The Snugpak Special Forces Bivvi Bag is British made for the British weather,guarding against evaporative heat loss.
The Snuppak Bivvi bag is ideal for military use, emergency, wild camping and  bushcraft. 

Snugpak bivi bag with stuff sack