Para Cord bracelet

Para Cord Flint & Steel Bracelet with integrated steel and flint.

Precision knife sharpener

A lightweight knife sharpener with a dimpled grip area. It will restore the edge of your dull knife.

fire starting stick

Small and lightweight fire  starting stick knurled for maximum grip.Paraffin treated cotton ball for easy fire lighting.
Water tight.
Button compass.


Soft camping towels

Soft small camping towels

Money belt

Money belt for going around the waist and under the clothes.

Money belt double pocket

Great money belt for keeping money safe.

Folding saw for camping and survivl

The folding blade will lock opened and closed.Good grip rubber handle.
Robust blade light weight at .185kg

Bushcraft survival Axe

 Survial axe for bushcraft

Survival Axe

Compact survival Axe in nylon sheath.