Bannerette Poles With Cross Bar Pole

Bannerette poles have been in use since Roman Times with churches and religious group using  them in procession. In recent year the use has been taken over by Trade unions and marching bands. We have a great selection of banner poles in different designs and colours.


Masons Banner Poles with finial

Free Masons Banner Pole with brass  finial and fittings. It comes in a rosewood finish and is made to the size you want up to 36 inches
tactical supplies
Delivery time:5-7 Days

cross bar bannerette Pole

This is a fantastic bannerette pole with cross bar.It has a beautiful large crown and lion finial with cap ends. This is a special pole
Tactical supplies
Large Crown
Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Bannerette cross bar pole

This is beautifully made bannerette pole with cross bar, crown and lion finial and cap ends. The poles are made with rosewood finish. Ready to use.
Tactical supplies
Delivery time:3-5 Days

Bannerette Poles with Cross bar

Bannerette poles with cross bar. Made in black wood with chrome fittings including the crown and lion finial
black crown
Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Bannerette pole rosewood

Bannerette flagpole with rosewood cross bar and brass fittings. Comes with cap end and spear final.
rosewood spear
Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Banner pole with cross bar

Banner pole in rosewood with plain finial and cap ends. Comes in chrome of brass.
capend top
Delivery time:1 to 3 days