Bannerette Poles for Marches | Parades

Bannerette poles have been in use since Roman Times and churches and religious group have used them in procession. In recent year the use has been taken over by Trade unions and marching bands. We have a great selection of banner poles in different designs and colours.

Custom made poles.

We specialise in making  ceremonial bannerette poles and are made in our own workshop in Glasgow.We have a great reputation  for quality flagpoles and bannerettes poles at fantastic prices. We can make the poles to the size that you need and the cross bar to fit any banner.We are also suppliers of traditional flagpoles and flags and made to a very high quality.

  • Quality made bannerette poles.
  • Wood and brass fittings.
  • Cut to any size.
  • Great price
  • In stock.

Why buy from us? You would buy our poles because we can cut them to any size and of course our quality is second to none


Bannerette pole rosewood with brass fittings


Bannerette pole with round ball fittings


Bannerette pole for bands with chrome lion crown


banner pole with cross bar