Compact Binoculars

We have a range of Compact Binoculars in Glasgow, we have a shop in Dundas Street which is just next to Queens Street station where you can come in and see the Compact Binoculars that we have in stock.Most people are unaware of the numbers used in sizing compact binoculars, such as 10 x 25. The first number is the magnification or power that means 10 times magnification. If you have 10 or over it is hard to hold the binoculars steady enough and a tripod may be needed. The second number is the diameter of the lens (the one furthest from your eye) in millimetres 25 mm. The larger the objective lens, the more light enters the binoculars giving a brighter, sharper image. Larger lenses are better in low light conditions such as cloudy days. Rubber armoured binoculars absorb shocks and give good grips. Some types are now focus free. For viewing of birds and other small wildlife make sure your binoculars can close focus. All our binoculars are suitable for outdoor and adventure use and are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. Whilst large binoculars give more clear focus they are not so handy for the pocket as the compact binocular is. No matter what binocular you choose you will have hours of fun.


Pocket birdwatchers 12x25 binoculars


Dartmoor Pocket Binocular


Monouclar 10x25 camo


Monocular 10x25