Military Accessories

A range of survival accessories for the military. Combat tins,camo cream, bungees. All the survival and military accessories you will need. We are constantly adding to our range to give you a superb selection.We have a shop based Glasgow where you can come in and see the Military Accessories that we have in stock which you can take away with you.There are not to many suppliers of Military Accessories in Scotland or Glasgow left so we try to offer a full range of products for our customers to choose from so that you can get all your Military Accessories from the one shop.


Fire lighting Flint and steel Military


Military Sewing kit


Trouser twisters


Dog tags


Waterproof bags


Bungies olive 76cm


Waterproof bags/dry bags


Sewing Kit


Folding scissors


Military Survival kit


Para cord


Dog tags siler


Dog tag silerncers


Stealth tape woodland camouflage


MTP Camo compact


Special ops knee pads


Special ops elbow pads


Black Elbow Pads


Black Knee Pads


Camouflage stealth tape btp camouflage