Cadet Sleeping Bags

These bags are a good quality  cadet sleeping bags made for cadets with 3 season ratings. Light and great for camps and seasons from all but winter conditions. These cadet bags come in Camouflage and olive and are hollow fibre construction.We have been in business for over 30 years supplying Cadets with Sleeping Bags and many other products.

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Snugpak Sleeper lite sleeping bag

the Sleeper Lite is a olive material bag tried and tested. This bag is a favorite with Cadets

Snugpak The sleeping Bag olive

The sleeping bag is a firm choice for the cadets

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Snugpak Sleeping Bags Elite 1

Snugpak Elite 1 sleeping bag

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Snugpak Sleeping Bags Elite 2

This Snugpak Elite 2 sleeping bag has gone up to the next level with Expander Panel Systems.
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Snugpak Elite 3 sleeping bags

Snugpak Elite 3 olive sleeping bag.
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Snugpak Sleeping bags Elite 4

Snugpak Elite 4 sleeping bag..
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Cadet System

This is the complete system . The Cadet Bivi bag and the Cadet sleeping bag.

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The cadet sleeping bag

Cadet Sleeping Bag
Comfort rating: 0 to -7 degrees and water resistant.
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Cadet junior 350 sleeping bag camouflage

 junior sleeping bag size up to age 14
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Cadet 350 full size sleeping baq

Full size camouflage sleeping bag
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