Snugpakl Sleeping bags Elite 3

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Snugpak Elite 3 olive sleeping bag. Great ratings.

 A great sleeping bag with the Snugpak EPS expanding panel system, reflectatherm metalised barrier, micro small pack size, variable length system and anatomically designed foot system. Expanding zip baffle system gives you the versatility to operate any conditions from clammy tropical afternoons, harsh desert nights or icy cold snowfields. The expansion systems also allows you to control both temperature and size of the sleeping bag, open wide for maximum movement or zipped up tight to trap that precious warm air for a snug nights sleep.

Weight: 1600 grams-Pack  size: 19cm x 20cm  compressed
Temp: Comfort -5c, Low -10c
Colours: Olive

Activity:  Trekking
Season: 3 Season - below 0
Weight Category: 1.5kg +
Shape: Mummy style
Features: Expanda panel system