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 Cadet Parade Shoes for ATC

Cadet Parade shoes for the ATC

In our store we have a range of Cadet parade shoes to make you look smart on parade Worn by cadets in the ATC. We have been in the business of selling parade shoes for the last 30 years and have kitted out cadets all over the United Kingdom. Parade shoes are important but need not break the bank. We offer both make and female cadet shoes and in different styles. We have budget shoes to the more expensive rubber sole versions. Take a look at our range.


Capped Oxford Toe
Leather upper
The cadet parade shoe is a classic Oxford design for events and parades.

Polishing the cadet shoes.

Bull polishing or spit and shine is a term use for polishing cadets shoes to a high gloss finish. It is a special method that gives a mirror finish. It is extremely effective in polishing leather.Some squadrons require the cadet shoes to be Bulled or polished to a high shine.
It is a method used in the armed forces for cleaning and showing leather goods for the inspections.It gives the cadet parade shoes a finish that is like patent leather. Some people keep a pair of shoes in a permanent state of shine just for the parade as it can be time consuming to bull the shoes.
It is not easy to achieve this result and it takes some practice.Once you have become efficient in the method great results can be achieved.The method involves applying layers of polish to the cadet parade shoes. It is not a quick process and does take a lot of time to become and expert but with patience you will get results.Unfortunately the layers of polish on the cadet shoes is very brittle and the polish does crack and all the good work can be undone is seconds.


  • Wear the shoes for a short while to see where the natural creases form.
  • Polish the shoes normally a couple of times to get some polish to bed-in. Do this by putting on a good amount of polish with a brush and use another brush to smooth the polish and get rid of any surplus polish.
  • Next apply thin layers of the polish to the cadet parade shoes in tiny circular motions. This is best done with a soft polishing cloth. Keep doing this until you get a dull shine appears.
  •  Now polish the final layer using a damp cloth a really good shine comes on the shoes. Remember only use small amounts of water to keep the cloth damp.
  •  It is important not to use lots of polish as this will slow up the process and the final result will not be as good.

This method can also be used on the army cadet boots