Krytac KRISS Vector AEG airsoft guns

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Kriss Vector

The NEW Krytac KRSS Vector Airsoft gun.
The Vector rifle has a Vector Gen II body with a folding stock and iron sights.The rifle comes with the same quality built as you have come to expect from Krytac. It  has a tough FET System, quick change spring and bearing gearbox.Has the same as the real thing trigger Mechanism.Comes with tough hop-up unit that will resist wear and has a hight torque motor.
The rifle has fire controls for both right and left handed shooters, for safe, semi, two round burst and full auto fire modes.

Velocity 340fps. 6mm 104 MPS
Folding Sights (front and rear)
Overall length: 445 mm / 17.2" - 665 mm / 26.18"
Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.73 lbs
Height: 180 mm / 7.09"
Outer barrel length: 5.5"
Inner barrel length: 155 mm
Inner barrel diameter: 6.05 mm
Fire rate  24+ RPS