Snugpak bivi bag with stuff sack

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The Snugpak Bivvi Bag, will give you greater confidence in your wilds, knowing you are equipped to deal with an emergency  if one crops up. Please Note: Bivvi Bags are designed to be breathable but sufficient air cannot pass through the fabric to allow  breathing. Extra  Care should be taken so you can have an opening to breath.

The Snugpak  Bivvi Bag is manufactued in the UK, for British Weather Conditions, keeping  you from heat loss. The bivi bag is one of the Top Ten Items for Hillwalking & Adventures. The Bivvi Bag is a life saver really  is one of the items you should not be without. The bivi bag gives all round protection from the weather and small so it can be kept in a rucksack for emergencies. It can be  used in along with an entire sleeping system for wild camping or in a tent