Airsoft m15 armalite slv rifle

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The M15 Armalite. Comes with mosfet as standard with fast trigger response and great rate of fire

M15 Armalite.

Has authentic Armalite markings and innovations to give the players  more choice in design and functionality. The M15 Armalite  comes with a Mosfet unit installed in the stock.The Mosfet gives  a faster trigger response, better Rate of Fire and elimination of relay burnouts.It comes with 5 position SopMod stock, removable shoulder plate which will give quick access to the battery compartment.
You will notice that the new Armalite  offers 3 different upper receiver designs, 1 in metal and 2 in reinforced nylon fibre and 4 different front guards.This is the operator design and it mixes the heavy-duty designed receiver with a short rail for cqb.


  • Mosfet.
  • Large sling plate.
  • 300 rd magazine.
  • 5 position stock.
  • folding front and rear sights.
  • licensed by ArmaLite.

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Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like. To replace the text click on it and press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select the text. Then enter your own text to replace it. Our beautiful content blocks make creating…Length is 810-885mm or 32-35inch
Barrel Length is 363mm or14,3inch
Mag. 300 Rounds
Battery:18621  mag:18488
Adjustable hop up
110ms/360fps speed
2620gr/lb in weight
1,2 joule