7.4 V 1300 mAH 15C 171 mm lipo stick battery

vp racing
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7.4V 1300mAh 15C+ continuous discharge lipo battery (171mm)


7.4v Lipo Battery

This battery pack comes with  a mini-Tamiya style connector for airsoft use but can be fitted with any other connector.The battery is complete with a balancing lead with a 3 pin JST-XH connect

  • Has capacity: 1300mAh 2S1P
  • Weight: 70grams.
  •  Maximum Discharge Amps or current:19.5A 15C Continuous
  • 39A 30C Burst
  • Maximum Charge Current: 2.6A  2C
  • Max Charged Voltage: 8.5V 4.25V per cell
  • Minimum  Discharged Voltage: 6.0V 3.0V per cell
  • Wire size:  16awg High temperature silicon.