WE Airsoft gas knighthawk pistol silver

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The WE  Knight Hawk .45 1911 pistol

This Airsoft pistol an identical speck to the regular 1911.This model from WE-tech weights approx 1025 grams with a mode of semi automatic and a magazine which holds 15 rounds.It fires at 280 FPS with a smooth action.The finish is aluminium high grade and dot pattern through out the frame.

•High grade Aluminium design with pricison finish
•identical specs to the regular 1911
•It comes with a full metal slide and lower frame
•With the unique WE Gas Blow Back system and  Semi-Automatic Shooting.
•This gun has a very smooth action and metal sound
•Thumb Dial hop up  inside the gun
•The is a nice looking gun
•Novak type sight at rear

Weigh 1025 gm
Length: 222mm with a barrel of 110mm blow back system 
Shooting Semi-Automatic and adjustable hop up
Type: 6mm BB