24 hour ration packs menu 9

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The 24 HR Ration Pack contains up to 3955 calories and has   main meals, a sweet and  high energy drinks and snacks. This box  has enough of everything you need to eat  while out and about in the hills. Same menu issued to the Army

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Breakfast- chicken sausages and beans

Main meal -vegetable korma.

Spicy sausage and potato wedges.

Apple turnover, hot pepper sauce

Snacks-  mango banana apple fruit purée, oat digestive biscuits, fruit flapjacks, smooth peanut butter, sesame seed bar, just fruit mix, just nuts mix

Drinks- Lemon flavoured drink powder, raspberry flavoured drink powder  tutti fruity flavour drink powder, grapefruit flavour drink powder, regular flavour hot chocolate.

Non discretionary items.
re-usable plastic bag
whitener for tea coffee
instant coffee 2
tea bag 2
sugar 4
matches 5
wet wipes 2
water purification tabs
chewing gum