black hawk down helicopter

New brand of blocks for building and is compatible with other building bricks.Hours of fun building and playing.
439 pieces

kid camouflage cover

camouflage tarpaulin waterproof
With Reinforced corners and metal eyelets for securing and making a shelter.
Dimensions: 3m x 1.8m

army ammunition tin

Kids Army style metal ammunition box.
Flip lid.
Ideal for your rations, lunch box or toy box
Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 10cm

army Ghillie suit

These are Kids Ghillie suits and have a long jacket smock, a separate hood,  a carry bag with full length trousers adjustable and a rifle rap.
Superb camouflage suite for kids.

Flying suits

Kids army flying suits

olive t-shirts

Kids army. t shirts in military olive

kids army t shirts hmtc

Kids army. t shirts in military camouflage.

this is a british military camouflage

US Military Style Belts KIDS

US style belts adjustable to size 44" Nylon strap and chrome buckles.

Smaller sizes for kids. One size