Airsoft Pellets | bb's

Blaster bb pellets .30gram

The BLASTER brand of BB’s is of the highest quality anywhere in Airsoft.BLASTER BB’s vary in tolerance between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm in diameter making them extremely
high quality and consistent size

Blaster devils .28g Airsoft pellets

Blaster devils 28G pellets.

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Blaster .25g tracer Airsoft pellets

The Weight: 0.25g BLASTER Tracer BB’s for a touch of realism after dusk. The tracer BB’s when charged with light will remain bright when fired and gives the tracer the tracer effect.
Colour Luminescent green
3000 pcs per Bottle.

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Airsoft pellets.20 grams cursed

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.25 grams mid airsoft bb's

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cursed pellets.28 grams for airsoft

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Valkern.25 g bb's

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