Altberg Boots Glasgow

Altberg Boots are again another popular brand with our customers and we have Altberg Boots in stock in our shop in Glasgow, or if ordered online we can deliver them anywhere in the UK.


Altberg boots came to life as military boots over 30 years ago. The  Altberg boots company started out making footwear for hillwalking but then developed military boots - combat footwear. It  has different styles and specialist footwear for special forces in Europe and the UK.These specialist military boots were adapted from designs in the walking department. The new models were what the Police and forces needed. The Military footwear became a large part of the design and processing and this section is now a core product in the Altberg boots range. See also our mangum boots and Lowa Military boots

Altberg Sneeker Mk2

Altberg Sneeker Military Boot

Altberg warrior Military boots

Altberg Warrior Military boot.

Altberg Sneeker brown boots

Brown Altberg Sneeker boots

Altberg warrior Military boots brown

Altberg Warrior Military boots