Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds.

Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds with 2 Tenor Reeds plus Inverted Bass. Comes with increased absorption .
The materials used in the manufacture of  these reeds has been made to absorb as much moisture as possible while maintaining the tonal qualities that the bagpipe reeds are known for.. To ensure the best performance it is advised to let the reeds to dry out after a long session on the pipes.

Ezeedrone bagpipe drone reeds standard

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High quality Ezeedrone reeds that give exceptional sounds.

Standard Bagpipe Drone Reed.

Ezeedrone reeds are designed and  made from a ground breaking new synthetic composite material, developed over years of experience. It has clear plastic tongues and easy turning screw. This standard reed will give a superb warm tone and of course easy set up on most pipes

Ezeedrone drone reeds tenor inv bass

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Ezeedrone. Bagpipe Drone Reeds with  Increased Absorption. Comes with 2 Tenor Reeds and Inverted Bass

Bagpipe Drone Reeds With Moisture Absorbtion.

These Ezeedrone reeds are made to absorb as much  moisture as is possible and still giving tonal qualities associated with  Ezeedrone reeds. To ensure the top  performance the reeds should be allowed to dry out after a long session

chanter reeds medium resistance

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Ezeepc cane bagpipe chanters med resistance

Ezee Pipe Chanter Reed

EzeePC pipe chanter reeds are  tested and tuned to meet the high expectations of pipers and give a good tone balance.This is a single  EzeePC Cut Cane Pipe Chanter Reed. Each one  comes in a sealed container.