Airsoft Starter Packs.

Airsoft Starter Pack 1 G&G

Starter packs for airsoft beginners.

Airsoft starter pack 2

Airsoft starter pack 2

Airsoft starter pack 3

Airsoft starter pack 3 includes the Raider,and bbs. Great value pack with a superb rifle.

starter pack 4

Starter pack to get you going.Comes with a pack of bbs and the m15 rifle. This is a good value pack.

airsoft starter pack 5

A good starter pack for beginners with an M15 rifle ,bb's and a lipo battery.All you need to get you going in airsoft.

Airsoft starter pack 6

Airsoft starter pack with safety goggles,M15 rifle ,bb's, and a battery. All you need to give you a good start.

Airsoft starter pack 8

Airsoft starter pack 8 with defender rifle, 2 bottles of bb's ,2 batteries and safety goggles.

AIrsoft starter pack 10

Cyma custom AK KT RIFLE black with assault vest batteries, goggles ,face mash ,charger and bb's

Airsfot starter pack 11

Airsoft starter kit with fabarm  pump action shotgun, 2 packets of shells ,face mask and cobra goggles.
tactical supplies

AIrsoft starter pack 12

Airsoft Starter pack with M15 Operator, charger,bb's,face mask, two batteries and bolle goggles.
tactical supplies