Special offers advertised on our flyer. Waterproof clothing , assault vests, rucksacks and sleeping bags for cadets

Waterproof Trousers in camouflage.

Waterproof Jacket in camouflage


Assault vest camouflage cadet Mk4

Official Cadet Assault Vest

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Snugpak The sleeping Bag olive

The sleeping bag is a firm choice for the cadets

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Snugpak The sleeping Bag Red

The Sleeping Bag from Snugpak

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Snugpak The sleeper lite sleeping bag

Snugpak Sleeper litr Cadet sleeping bag
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Cadet boot Patrol

The patrol boots are one of the all time greats.Great boots and great price.

Cadets patrol boots brown

 Brown  cadet patrol boots. Budget boots but great seller.

Wood Training Rifles

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Camouflag shirts Grade 1

These are grade 1 shirts in MTP pattern


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Camouflage trousers

Grade 1 MTP trousers

CALL FOR SIZES 0141 3533 788

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