G &g RK 74E Airsoft rifle

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G&G RK 74E Airsoft rifle

G&G RK74E Airsoft Rifle.


This AK is a great weapon and has great sleek looks.
AEG Automatic Electric Gun Range.
Full Auto but can be changed to 3 Round Burst
Alloy body parts
High Quality design.
Six Position  Tube Stock.

G&G KeyMod / 20mm RIS/RAS.
Handguard features Left / Right Four Slot Front KeyMod Points.
Top / Bottom Handguard 20mm RIS.
7'' 20mm RIS / RAS Top Rail for attaching Scopes

14mm  Threadded Outer Barrel for  Tracer Units etc
Rubberised Butt Plate.
moulded Pistol Grip.
Magazine Release either hand.
Adjustable Hop-Up Unit.
Trigger Lock.
GT Advanced RK74-CQB.
Instruction Manual
Basic Speed Loader
Sight Adjustment Tool
Magazine StickersSample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like. To replace the text click on it and press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select the text. Then enter your own text to replace it. Our beautiful content blocks make creating…The G & G RK 74 E  Rifle is made from  mainly from Alloy which has, Hand Guard, Buffer tudb, Sling Plate,
and ABS Pistol Grip and Magazine. It has some great attributes such as the MOSFET which will improve the overall smoothness of
the rifle.. It can be reprogrammed to Three round bursts.
The gun has many features such as  KeyMod / 20mm RIS  with side KeyMod Panels with Bottom and
 Top 20mm RIS RAS Rails. This allows a range of accessories to be attached  such as torches and grips to enhance you game.
The Top  Receiver has a 7'' 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for large scopes. Large Sight or Scope setups to be attached. The dust cover
moves upwards to reveal the battery compartment and will take stick Lipo batteries with Mini- Tamiya connector
holds Stick Style LiPo Batteries with a Mini-Tamiya Connector. Comes with  mock charging handle which when pulled will show the hop up unit
Charging Handle which when pulled back reveals the Linear Hop-Up unit. The stock end has M4 Style Buffer Tube this will allow the stock to be adjusted
 The Stock which is standar for this gun is  is G&G's latest M4 Stock,  a battery storage compartment and rubberised butt plate.