xtreme precision 25g airsoft bb's

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Xtreme Precision Bottle Non Bio BB's 2800 bb's
The high precision Non-Bio  of Xtreme Precision  airsoft bb's
This is one of the most  round BB's available and has a mirror polish.

5,96mm ±0,005

Note .005 is 5 thousand of a millimetre and most precision bb's are .01 which is only 100 hundredth of a millimetre.These pellets are 100 times rounder that almost all bb's on the market.Xtreme precision bb’s are made only using high grade material and are unmatched in roundness, low tolerance and smooth surface. This will give better in barrel speed.
Most bbs on the market are high tolerance like + or - .01 which is 100th part of a millimetre. Xtreme bb’s are + or - .005 which is 5000th part of a millimetre and is a very low tolerance. Xtreme bbs will increase the shooting distance, accuracy and no jam experience. The bb’s are 5.96mm with this unmatched tolerance of .005 (not the extra zero). They have amazing roundness values of 1.088um and can only be measured by laser instruments. These bb’s are perfect spheres and will give the best performance with standard or tight bore barrels