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Tango Down ECR airsoft rifle

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This is a well  made solid gun with vertical fore grip and rail covers
Trademarks and markings with serial number.
upgraded internals,Integrated MOSFE,Quick change spring.
Compatible with other magazine brands. Comes wiht 6.03mm barrel as stock inner barrel and lipo battery ready.This gun will compete with the Mid to High end brands but has high quality internals, tight bore barrel,metal hop up chamber and
integrated Mosfet.

Air nozzle:   High grade

Blow back:  No

Body:        Metal

Bushings and Bearings: 8mm ball bearings

Cylinder:             Milled CNC

Cylinder head: Reinforced

Gear set: Reinforced

Gearbox: Reinforced

Hop Up Chamber: Metal with two sealing O-rings

License: Tango Down

Mosfet: Yes

Motor: High torque

One Piece Outer Barrel: Yes, cnc machined from billet

Piston: Reinforced

Piston head: Reinforced

Rail System: Anodized CNC machined aluminium

Real Type Body Pins: Yes

Selector Plate: Upgraded

Spring: Variable pitch

Spring guide: Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body

Tappet Plate: Reinforced

Wiring: High flow

Working Bolt-  yes

670 / 760 mm. (Stock in/stock full out)