Cyma M870 Operator shotgun cm355l black

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Superb replica in scale 1: 1. This is  one of the most popular shotguns and in use.
by the police and Armies and special forces.
This model is made by CYMA for the Airsoft players. Very reliable , with metal barrel. The pump action is smooth and powered by a spring.The rifle has a reliable mechanism in this case a pump action system powered by a spring.
This Shotgun shots out of each cartridge 3 BBS. Each magazine holds 30 bbs and shell type loader.

CM.350L M870 Tri-Burst Pump Action Shotgun
 30 Rounds 10 cartridges
 286 FPS
 Spring action
 Construction: Alloy Loading Tube And Barrel
 Weight: 1.45kg
 Length: 105cm