24 hour ration packs

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24 Hour Army Ration Pack

24 HOUR MENU 14                
Main Meals: Apple & Cinnamon Muesli, Tuna Pasta Beans, Steak & Vegetables 

The 24 Hour Ration Pack contains up to 3995 calories and has 3 main meals, a dessert and a good selection of high energy drinks and snacks. This box contains everything you need to survive while out and about in the hills ro jungle. Same rations as issued to the Army

3 x Ready to Eat Meals
1 x Dessert
1 x Tissue
1 x Spork
2 x Wet Wipes
A selection of energy boosting snacks
Electrolyte drinks  & beverages
The individual items in this box are labelled with dietary and other information. Please read carefully to ensure the product meets your dietary requirements.