Camping Cookers/Gas Refills

Camping Cookers and Gas

A selection of portable gas cookers designed for the outdoor, military,survival and hiking. These small compact gas cookers are safe and economical. These cookers are use by the military and outdoor people. No longer has one to carry petrol or paraffin. Easy to use, clean and gas refills can be bought in most camping shops. In stock are our quick boil range and jet boil cookers.


Gas cooker refills for camping cookers


Gas cooker wiindshield


Camp stove


camp cooker for piercing gas


Gas refill


valved gas refills


Gas refil 450g


Valved gas refil 230g


Methylated spirits 250ml


Methylated spirits 500ml


Compact camping stove


Cooker with piezo ignition


Tripod camping cooker


Electronic match for light cookers


Blade fast boil cookers- flash


Heximine Solid fuel cooker


Fire Dragon fuel gel


Solid fuel Fire Dragon


Bushcraft cooker


Brass meths burner