Goggles and safety Glasses

 It is extremely important to protect your eyes. There are lots of dangers lurking in the workplace and places of fun and sport. Damage to the eye is very serious and can result in a lot eye. Many injuries can be prevented by wearing proper goggles or safety glasses At Adventure 1 we stock a range of safety goggles and glasses in a range of styles for different applications.
It’s important to choose the right safety glasses to make sure you get top level of protection This will allow you to go about your business if it is at work or playing airsoft. We stock a large range of Bolle safety glasses for you to choose from.

Airsoft protective goggles


airsoft protective goggles-dual lens


Bolle Rush plus safety goggles clear


Bolle Rush safety goggles smoke


Bolle Cobra safety goggles


Bolle contour safety glasses


bolle silium plus safety glasses clean


bolle silium plus safety glasses smoke


bolle-cobra kit safety glasses with 3 lenses


The bolle Assault safety glasses


bolle x810 ballistic goggles


bolle combat safety glasses


bolle Raider safety glasses


Safety classes for airsoft and work


Airsoft safety glasses