Original Swat boots are more than just any old black boots. We know that your work need boots are a vital part of your uniform for Police and security duties. .

This is why we have chosen Original swat boot for our Glasgow store.We say that the swat boots are as good as any on the market today with quality and value.The  Swat boot  last determines the available room  inside the boot and adds  to the fit and comfort. Our last was made using modern computer design technology.This approach has allowed us  accurately reflect the needs of the end user original Swat will give the best level of comfort and of course support, the last needs to be of a up-to-date modern design and shape.used by police forces around the  UK.


Swat original classic military and police boots


SWAT classic 9 police and military boots /side zip


SWAT Force 8 inch police waterproof boots


SWAT Force 8 inch police with side zip


Original swat Hawk lightweight boots