All day ration packs

The all day ration packs  will provide enough ration for heavy activity for 8 to 12 hours. The ration packs contain about 3000 calories. This is enough for 24 hours in normal activity according to statistics .These All day rations packs have 2 ready to eat meals. The us army ration packs have only 1 main meal .The ration packs are fully cooked and can be eaten cold or hot. The meals come in special  pouches that can be heated by placing them in hot water. Or is know as boil in the bag. You can also heat them in a pot or by flameless heater.
These  ration packs are the type use by the Military, however, lots of  people who go hiking and camping are now beginning to use them, these are available to collect in person from our Glasgow shop, or can be ordered on-line and we ill aim to provide a next working day delivery.


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